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Chen Zhenglong also call Ru-Xing. He was born at Zhanghua in 1968. Specialty: Modern water ink and child creativity esthetics His panting unfolds 15 associations to unfold 30 times at The Zhanghua cultural center and Taizhong County Fenmgyuan cultural center. 1988 Centreal Taiwan art exhibition 2000 China present age Shui Moxin the appearance unfolds is selected. He is the member at the Taiwan artist association and Zhanghua Fine arts Academic society. The 21st century modern ink and wash painting member 21st century children live the creativity esthetics foundation member 2004. 2005 Taizhong County Fenmgyuan art exhibition - Shui Mo invites to unfold 2007 Taizhong Culture Administration development generation of water ink The water ink work collects in Japan. US. Italy. South Africa. China. Chinese Times. United Daily News. MIN SHENG Daily. The LIBERTY Times. The Commous Daily. Report his modern water ink creations many times and so on youth daily News and each broadcasting station television media Mr. Chen Zhenglong inherits the ink and wash painting fundamental element - moisture. Speed. Pressure. Contains the multi-dimensional technique innovation material tool. Integrates the contemporary life. Unscrambles the ink and wash painting at the skill and the color He try to simplifies, and Realizes the essential of the traditional Chinese painting .